Friday, April 03, 2009

Huevos Rancheros

Mex has gifted us with consistent shoulder to head high surf. Just two days into our trip and we've already had two really fun days of surf. The place pictured here is about a 30 minute drive from our casa in Troncones. When you arrive by car you pull up to a cliff that overlooks the break. Today we pulled up to find lines stacked up as far as the eyes could see. This spot is off the beaten path; in fact, the only thing here other than a few camp sites is a small open air restaurant that serves up huevos (any style) along with homemade tortillas. In short, it's paradise. I snapped these photos when I came in to indulge in some Huevos ala Mexicana - a tasty scramble of eggs, tomatoes, cheese and onions served with rice and beans all topped with spicy salsa.

G (above) gets acquainted with his new single fin.

Shit eatin grins were the expression de jour.

Background: Mark H. contemplates what to do with all that green.
Foreground: Our new friend Alex heads out for seconds.

This one had Chum's name all over it...we're missing you amigo!


Blogger Chum said...

Kill me now!

Perfect wax job, G. Rail to rail, nose to tail!

Not a bad board either...

7:19 PM  

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