Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Uh Oh, My Girl Found My Blog!

Ok, so I’ve only been blogging now for two days and it’s not like I’ve been disclosing any illicit sexual liaisons or bizarre habits like secretly dressing up as a woman and making appointments at the OBGYN just to see the look on the doctors’ faces once they’ve strapped me in the gurney and looked under my gown. Nevertheless, I was a bit surprised that she found out so quickly.

Let’s get the facts straight. She didn’t actually find my blog, she found out I had a blog. She found this out when she went to the movies with two of the very few people in the world who know about my blog - my friend chum and my brother Gee. I found out that she found out when I received an email this morning from her saying, “I heard something about a 'blog' that you wrote. Am I on the 'it' list of those able to read it?” Which loosely translated means, “What else are you keeping from me? This is no way to have a relationship. I thought we could trust each other??!!”

My reply to her was that I had just started blogging and that I wanted Gee and Chum to give it the once over before I let it out into the world and, anyway, she’d already had most of the content dictated to her over the phone already (we live 6000 miles apart, lots of phone calls). This was the truth…almost. I had indeed shared much of what I’d written with her already; but a few more people already knew about my blog - my roommate A and a couple of other close friends to be unprecise - but they had only just found out about it.

I did, in fact, plan to tell my girlfriend about my blog. I had made that decision about 24 hours before I got her email. But I also did consider not telling her about it, along with not telling a number of other important members of my world, i.e. parents, other relatives, colleagues, and some other, less appreciative, friends…etc.

Unfortunately my girlfriend had to find out like most girlfriend’s find out about their boyfriend’s extracurricular activities, she had to confront me with it and see if I’d be man enough to fess up.

Which I did. In fact, I even sent her the url to my blog. But I also sent along a disclaimer, which read:

“Please note that this blog is a forum for me to exercise my writing while expressing my curiosity and confusion about all matters concerning my life and the world around me. Some issues/feelings/experiences will be exaggerated and/or emphasized more than others simply because they have captivated me at the time of writing or simply because I think a reader might find them interesting or funny. Although my blog will not always be funny or interesting, please don’t take it too seriously – it’s not my journal (which you can’t read). In fact, I find it quite interesting and funny that I’m writing a disclaimer to you, my girlfriend...perhaps this fact would actually be a good topic for the blog and a conversation starter about how much partners should tell each other. Nevertheless, please feel free to ask me about anything you read that may raise interest or concern. If this blog helps us better understand each other and improves our communication, then it’s probably the most important thing I’ve done in a long time.”

I also added that I thought it would be cool if she started a blog.

So why did I consider not telling my girlfriend about my blog? I guess there were a few reasons:

Firstly, because I thought it might be good to reserve my blog as a place to discuss issues about my relationship that I wasn’t ready to discuss with my girlfriend…sort of like a lads mag forum where I could get helpful advice like “How to get yourself out of dinner with her parents.” Or “How to ease her into the idea of a threesome.” Of course none of these are things I’d really consider doing…I mean I actually enjoy eating dinner with her parents.

Second, because I thought that my knowing she was reading my blog would somehow affect my ability to freely express myself or, even worse, keep me from poking fun at our relationship and write about things like how horny she is or isn’t in my “about me” section for fear of how she’d react.

But of course this is all just childish thinking on my part and yet another case of me worrying too much…right honey?

Anyway, now I know my blog will have at least one loyal, albeit overly attentive, reader…well two if you count Chum who probably feels obliged to read my blog because he got me into this whole thing in the first place.

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What’s off limits when it comes to pillow talk…


Blogger she said...

I guess I should comment--as the now 'outed' girlfriend, who apparently enjoys pillowtalk more than sex. (wrong). I guess we'll find out for sure when you are here in P-town for more than 2 seconds.
C'mon hon, I like pillowtalk, it's a time for free-babble, stream of consciousness thinking.
Off-limit topics: too many to list. Maybe it would be helpful if you shared with me your favorite pillowtalk topics.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Chum said...

Off-limit pillowtalk topics:

-Your bachelor party.
-Your next surfboard/wetsuit/surftrip with the boys.
-Your blog addiction.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Chum said...

All of the above are great topics for the ol' blog though.

7:45 PM  

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